The Top Four Content Trends for 2022

The good news: digital content trends for 2022 are evolving. While some things haven’t changed (I’m looking at you, videos and podcasts), new trends are in the wind. 

  • The metaverse and augmented reality will challenge marketers.
  • Try a little tenderness.
  • My job may be going away. 

Wait, what?

Back to the future with videos and podcasts? Maybe.

Driven by increasingly powerful devices and the availability of more bandwidth, videos and podcasts are evolving from “nice to have” to “need it now.” However, increasing competition means marketers can no longer rely on the rough charm of a do-it-yourself recording. To stand out, you need high production values and professional polish.

My take on videos and podcasts

 Videos and podcasts have value only if your audience thinks they do. If you’re not sure whether either will appeal, ask a couple of your best customers. Before you invest in Hollywood-quality content, set appropriate goals to help you determine whether you’ll see any return on your investment.

Is artificial intelligence replacing copywriters? Not so fast.

The buzziest content trend in 2022 may be AI replacing content creators. Computer-generated copy has been used to produce routine content like financial news and sports scores for some time. More advanced writing tools like Google Docs and Grammarly employ AI with what I will kindly call mixed results.

My take on AI

Good writers don’t have to worry yet. I for one would be delighted to hand off mundane assignments to an AI so I can focus on the fun stuff.

Augmented reality and the metaverse are coming. Some day.

Augmented reality has been around for a while; the concept of a metaverse is at least 30 years old. How these technologies will play out in the coming years is tough to know. Clearly, there’s a lot of work still to be done, standards to sort out and a platform war to be won by the incumbents.

My take on AR and the ‘verse

Savvy marketers who know their audiences should keep an eye out and be willing to experiment with different platforms.  I expect acceptance to depend somewhat on age and level of comfort with technology. But don’t assume you won’t find older people in the Metaverse. What a great way to lead a whole new life!

Begin with empathy

The 21st century is an uncomfortable place so far. Wars, politics and disasters driven by climate change have dominated the news. Covid is wearing us down. Crime is up–or it seems like it thanks to clickbait headlines that grab attention. It’s draining. Given this backdrop, content that demonstrates empathy and understanding is going to win every time. 

My take on a tough subject

We all share the same desires: a roof over our heads, safety, good health and food on the table. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge our common humanity. I challenge you to stop blaming the other, doomscrolling and wishcasting. This isn’t time for messaging rooted in fear. Let your content reflect empathy and understanding for your audience.

Not sure what to do?

There are dozens of content trends for 2022; some are a bigger deal than others. If you’re not sure what’s worth paying attention to and what you can ignore, let’s connect.