Does This Sound Like You?

  • My website is stale. My web designer can help, but I don’t know what to do about the text.
  • I’m launching a new product and I don’t know how to get the word out.
  • My training team can’t take on another project.
  • I feel like I’m writing all the time but it seems like I never the right content for social media.

I have a recipe for success. Continue reading to see what it’s like working with me. Or tap the Services menu option above to learn more about my areas of expertise.

My Process: A Recipe for Success

Every good baker follows a recipe. It may be written down; it may be in her head. When she’s in the kitchen, she follows that recipe to bake another delicious loaf of bread.

When you work with Deans & Company, I follow a time-tested, lean* approach that gets results. I also know each client is different. Like any good baker, I adjust the recipe for success as needed for your unique situation. Here’s the basic recipe:

  1. Plan. I work with you to define your challenge, understand your constraints, and develop a plan for moving forward.
  2. Do. The work begins.
  3. Check. You’ll have opportunities to review and provide feedback.
  4. Adjust. I’ll make revisions based on your feedback.

*Yes, I use the Deming cycle.


Here’s what others have said about working with me.

Mary Beth (MB) has partnered with ClearVision Consulting, Inc over the past four+ years … to deliver the results of a management effectiveness survey and leadership coaching to a multinational firm, as well as provide marketing strategy work. She has refined and improved development content, provided insightful suggestions on manager performance, and supported client managers with clear, concise guidance during targeted coaching check-ins. She is a team player, caring and professional, delivers as promised, and takes on challenges willingly.

Mark Patenaude, Regional VP Sales, Give Something Back

[MB] always delivered above and beyond expectations, providing clear communication, strategy, and most importantly execution of results. She has a wonderfully infectious positive personality that fits into any environment and has a special talent for problem-solving
 within dysfunctional organizations. Mary Beth is comfortable working at the CXO level downward through the organizational chart in the Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized business.

Susan Blake, Senior Instructional Designer

MB’s approach to training and product education was modular, experiential and targeted to the role of the class participant. Because of the approach, my newly-hired field consultants were ready for productive deployment to a client within two weeks. It’s the shortest ramp-up of professional services resources I’ve ever encountered, and it was largely due to the systematic, competent and hands-on approach to the product training. Clients and delivery partners consistently experienced similar results.

Linda McHugh, Principal, Golden Gate Fiduciary Services