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Copywriting and content creation doesn’t work if it doesn’t help you meet your business goals. Get the right message to the right audience and demonstrate expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Then do that consistently across all channels.


Content isn’t just about getting great search results; it’s about meeting humans needs. We write everything with humans in mind.

Content strategy

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. Our clients don’t have resources to waste. Starting with a clearly defined set of goals and ending with a realistic content plan, we will set you up to achieve results.

Content marketing

Do you need to fill your sales funnel? Nurture leads? Maybe energize existing customers? We can help with content targeted to your goals and audience. From attracting leads to cultivating relationships, our writers will create focused content that drives results.

SEO-friendly web copy

We  write for humans but we understand the nuances of SEO-friendly content. Whether you need a landing page with punch or content for a large website, our content attracts, informs and engages viewers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the most profitable and cost-effective direct marketing channel, generating an average return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent (DMA, 2019). We can develop effective email marketing campaigns whether you need to acquire, retain or re-engage customers.


Sometimes all you need is nuts-and-bolts copywriting. We do that, too. Our writers can help you with:

  • Blogs
  • Articles and white papers
  • Mailers and brochures
  • Video and podcast scripts


Even the best writers improve when they work with an editor. From big-picture developmental editing to the nuts and bolts of line and copyediting, our editors will polish your work until it shines.

Need words?

MB Deans of Deans & Company is my preferred content creator and wordsmith for my own and clients' businesses. I initially hired Deans & Company to revise a case study. She quickly found the story's essence, and her revisions were spot on, creating a concise, compelling, on-brand story. Since then, I have engaged her and her company to refine my blog and email content strategy. Her work is superior, and I appreciate her efficiency: she quickly gets the job done and requires little rework. I highly recommend MB Deans and Deans & Company.
Maureen Ladley
Ladley & Associates

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