Immigrants: Fear, Loathing, and A Happy Ending

While we’re arguing about the immigrant caravan headed for our southern border, let me share a personal story. I originally posted this on Facebook when a different president was in charge. We were arguing about Syrian immigrants then. I’m sad to see how little has changed. 
The love of my life wouldn’t be in my life, in the US, or even alive if his parents had not come here.

Fear and Loathing…

soldiers and machine guns They were Russian/German Jews escaping Nazi Europe. They had to find someone to sponsor them, at the cost of $10,000 per visa. That’s a lot of money even by today’s standards. Good news: a wealthy family member paid the fees.
Then they had to fit into a quota that wasn’t already filled. More good news. Josef Stalin wasn’t letting anyone out of Russia and the Russian Jewish quota was wide open.
Once here, housing and a job were the top priority. That meant trips back and forth across the US chasing promises that fell through again and again and again. An accident on a snow-covered mountain destroyed most of their household goods. Help was hard to find, as were hotel rooms. Jews were–how do I say this politely–actively discriminated against.

…With a Happy Ending

GymnastMy honey went on to found and run several successful start-ups, one of which helped define the PC industry. In fact, you might not be reading this on your
electronic device without his contributions. He raised two sets of happy, well-adjusted kids who turned into wonderful adults. He’s a proud grandfather to 14 kick-ass grandkids. And he’s been my anchor and support.
Before you say, “yeah, but he’s different,” no, he’s not. His family was one of the millions trying to escape war and persecution. They didn’t have much when they got here except for drive, perseverance, and pure grit–and a will to live a better life. Imagine you were the immigration officer that they met at Ellis Island. You would have seen a frightened couple from a despised minority who barely spoke English. Their terrified little boy hid behind his father, clutching a ragged teddy bear. Nothing special. Too many just like them.
When you claim immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to come into this country, you may want to think about the potential you are depriving us of. And while you’re using your computer–or phone or tablet–remember it would all be very different without him.