No matter what, I’m good with the election. America has always been an experiment in democracy. Whoever wins will be the president. Period.
Here’s how I feel: I’m through with the double standard. I’m sick of “they’re all idiots” (or worse). We all say no one wants to be called a name (true), that we need to open our minds and hearts and have honest conversations (true); but we also say “the other person” is demon spawn out to wreck civilization. “We” are right. “They” are criminally wrong.

That’s got to stop.

To use my father’s worst insult, Trump is a wet horse turd. He’s a poor excuse for a human being and a reprehensible gonif. That does not mean all Republicans are like him. No more than all Democrats are old white men with a bad stutter and a son with poor decision-making skills, like Joe Biden.

I understand why Republicans don’t like Joe Biden or Democrats. It’s not what they believe in; I get that the grand promises the Democrats make rub the up-by-your-own-bootstraps Republicans the wrong way. That doesn’t make all Republicans heinous child abusers or crazy-ass conspiracy theorists.

I understand why the Democrats want to promise safe housing, health care, and a happy retirement to everyone. They’re big dreamers who don’t always think about the details–like who, and how much, and where, and when. That doesn’t make all Democrats cannibalistic baby-eaters or crazy-ass conspiracy theorists.

We can agree to disagree. That’s the point. This is a democracy.

A pro-Trump contingent paraded in progressive Marin recently. Maybe they did it just to piss the liberals/progressives off. Because they could. Because it was a predictable action with a predictable reaction. Because this is a democracy.

Did you vote?