I’m a Storyteller…

Scrabble is a blood sport in my family. I love the mastery of a well-crafted sentence, the frisson of the perfectly-chosen word, the suspense of a tale well-told. In short, I love the art and craft of the storyteller.

…and a Business Woman

It’s taken me some time to realize not everyone shares my passion–or has the time and energy to invest in writing. I launched Deans & Company to help my clients tell their stories.

Before launching this business, I was a project manager. My clients know me as someone who could take the panic out of a project. My favorite challenge was the high-visibility program that needed a sensible, levelheaded approach.  

The secret sauce: I worked hard to build productive teams. Hearing that team members met without needing me there to get results was music to my ears.

 Before that, I launched or co-founded several start-ups. They ranged from a consulting business, to a global career advisory firm, to several software companies. I stay current with technology as an advisor to a couple of start-ups. And, while I hold an MS in Computer Science (Fairleigh Dickenson University), I don’t think technology is always the best answer to a problem. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Rutgers College. It took me nine years and four restarts to earn that diploma. The best lesson: I’d make a lousy doctor. The second best lesson: some things are worth the effort.
“Mary Beth (MB) has partnered with ClearVision Consulting, Inc over the past four+ years … to deliver the results of a management effectiveness survey and leadership coaching to a multinational firm, as well as provide marketing strategy work. She has refined and improved development content, provided insightful suggestions on manager performance, and supported client managers with clear, concise guidance during targeted coaching check-ins. She is a team player, caring and professional, delivers as promised, and takes on challenges willingly. ”
Kathy Hart
Kathy Hart
CEO, Clear Vision

Mary Beth or MB?

Sit down for this one. I’m “MB-dextrous”: I use both names. Why? Because I went to a convent school where all the girls were named Mary Something. If you said “Mary,” thirty little faces would turn like sunflowers in your direction. I got tired of being part of the herd.

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